Splicing Processor HS-DPCⅡ Series

  Image Processor     |      2013-06-26

Product Description

    The HS-DPCⅡ series splicing processor divides one or more complete image signals into N blocks and then distributes them to N video display units (such as rear projection units), completing a large-screen dynamic image display with multiple ordinary video units, the carrier of the display unit mainly includes liquid crystal, plasma, DLP, etc. Each window can be individually positioned, zoomed to any size, superimposed with computer graphics or superimposed with other windows. In addition, you can zoom and position anywhere on the screen. Display methods are not restricted, including split screen, picture-in-picture and superimposed windows. This series of splicing processor not only have excellent image processing capabilities and image quality, but also integrate many functions, such as TCP/IP-based control and settings Borders and titles, high-definition background images, etc.


1.Window signal source selection function    

The splicing processor has a built-in 16×16 (VGA or DVI+VIDEO) matrix, and the spliced output signal of the whole screen, split screen, and roaming picture can be selected without an external matrix. The input signal can be VIDEO, VGA, DVI (optional Optional), the split screen image and roaming image signal can be the same or different.

2. The front panel has a built-in 7-inch full-color touch screen control function, and the body is made of all aluminum alloy materials with high-grade anti-rust

The uilt-in 7-inch full-color touch control screen has a resolution of 800×480, which can control the scene calling of the splicer on the touch screen.

3.Overall image brightness and color adjustment function

The brightness and color of the overall output image can be adjusted, so that the inconsistency of the display device (LCD, DLP, plasma, etc.) can be close to the same through the brightness and color adjustment of the splicer itself.

4.Standard input resolution automatic adaptation function

Support the following standard input resolutions and automatic adaptation: 640×480、800×600、1024×768、1152×864、1280×720、1280×768、1280×800、1280×960、1280×1024、1366×768、1400×1050、1600×1200、1920×1080、1920×1200.

5.Customizable special input resolution  

It is possible to customize any signal source with a special resolution not greater than 3840×1200 to be input to the splicer to meet the needs of special input resolution in some special occasions.

6.Output resolution can be set

The output resolution of the splicing processor can be set to the following formats:

1024×768、1280×800、1280×1024、1366×768、1400×1050、1600×1200、1920×1080、1920×1200 and so on.

7.Scene setting, saving, recall function

32 kinds of scenes can be set and saved, and it can be called arbitrarily.

8.Screen window size adjustment, roaming function

Window zooming, screen overlay and roaming can display multiple real-time signal windows on multiple high-resolution display devices. Each window can be individually positioned, zoomed to any size, overlapped with computer graphics or overlapped with other windows. In addition, zooming and positioning can be performed at any position on the screen, and the display mode is not restricted, including split screen, picture-in-picture, and superimposed windows.

9.Input signal parallel processing function
Based on a self-defined high-performance architecture, it adopts an advanced high-speed digital signal multi-bus parallel processing mechanism. For each input signal input, an independent processing module and data bus are allocated. All modules work in parallel, and the system processes each channel The speed is fixed, and the processing speed has nothing to do with the number of channels. Therefore, multiple VIDEO, VGA or DVI signals can be processed in real time. A single cabinet can collect 16 channels of video, 16 channels of VGA or DVI signals, and the image does not lose frames in real time. , No jamming, no influence on operating speed.

10.Image horizontal and vertical automatic alignment function

It can automatically adjust the input non-standard signal, which greatly improves the debugging efficiency of the spliced image.

11.Using embedded pure hardware architecture functions

No operating system, no mouse, no keyboard, no hard disk, start-up is completed within 3-5 seconds after booting, images are automatically spliced and output, images are real-time, and the system is stable.

12.Automatic color, contrast, brightness adjustment function

It can re-calibrate the input image of non-standard brightness, contrast and color produced by the intermediate equipment of the line.

13.Embedded program can be downloaded, with on-site program update function

The motherboard program and board program can be updated and upgraded on-site without opening the cover or pulling out the board to replace, which is convenient for engineering debugging and maintenance.

14.Flexible combination mode 

Provide a flexible plug-in card expansion structure, and can customize equipment according to customer engineering requirements. The input card has a variety of input formats to choose, including VIDEO, VGA, DVI-I and DVI-D formats. The output card provides DVI-I output format, which can output DVI-D signal and VGA signal at the same time. Different types of card systems can be automatically identified without manual intervention. A chassis can output up to 16 channels. When there are more than 16 channels, cascade expansion can be used. The existing software can be expanded to 64 channels, and more software can be customized.

15.Video scaling optimization processing function
Adopt the world's best video signal optimization solution, and at the same time allocate sufficient resources internally to perform a series of complex processing such as motion compensation and digital noise reduction on the input VIDEO signal, which can ensure real-time processing of all videos and ensure smooth pictures.

16.Flexible control methods

Support infrared, built-in 7-inch touch screen, RS232 serial port, wireless color touch screen control and TCP/IP control. The window control software included with the machine provides comprehensive real-time control functions. All parameters can be set through the software. In particular, customers can choose any of our company's wireless color touch screens, and they can use the wireless color touch screen without adding a central control host. Control and call related functions of the splicing processor.






Many nuclear high speed graphics chips work together

Equivalent bus width


Equivalent advanced cache


Equivalent processing speed



Single input 256 M

Input interface

DVI-I compatible with HD15(VGA or RGB)

SYNC mode

HV self-synchronization



Input channel resolution

640×480、800×600、1024×768、1366×768、1280×1024、1400×1050、1600×1200、1920×1080P、1920×1200、3840×1080 and so on

Color depth




Video Input interface


Video Input format


Video Identification


Output interface

DVI-I(compatible with HD15)

Output format

HV self-synchronization

Output channel resolution

1024×768、1366×768、1280×800、1280×1024、1400×1050、1600×1200、1920×1080P、1920×1200 and so on

Output refresh rate


Color depth


Control port

RS232、TCP/IP、built-in7-inch touch screen,infrared for choice

Input voltage


Line Frequency


Power consumption


Power source





5~90% without condensation


4U standard chassis:483*352*178mm(L*W*H)