Distributed Seat Management System

  Distributed seat management system     |      2013-06-26

Project Background

1. Far: The two command centers are several kilometers apart, and the distance between one exhibition hall is 30 meters, and audio and video communication needs to be realized;

2. Tight: the project completion time is in a hurry, and the project (demand, design, procurement, construction) needs to be completed within one month;

3.Mystery: There is a general demand, but it is not clear enough. There may be new additions or changes in the later period;

4.Easy: The large screen needs to display the content of the signal source arbitrarily, and the operation is convenient;

5.Stability: The project is very important, and the system must be stable and reliable;



1.Distributed system replaces traditional equipment: central control system, network cable transmitter, matrix switcher, KVM system, image processor

2.Distributed architecture, network switch as the center, stability increased

3.The core or access switch is connected with optical fiber and network cable

4.High-definition signal ultra-long-distance, long-distance transmission

5.Input and output nodes: video, audio, control, nodes can be added or reduced at will, flexible

6.Simple wiring, high efficiency, short construction period and low cost

7.The scheme is novel and practical, and the network structure is simple

8.Screen overlay, zoom, roam, seamless switching

9.Visualization, drag-and-drop operation

10.Dual network ports independent hot backup network, automatic switching, redundant backup, stable and reliable, and good scalability

11.Double backup of node unit, not easy to fail, no matter which unit fails, only one signal is affected

12.Rapid operation experience, the video is processed in real time frame by frame, instant operation response, real-time layout switching, superimposed 16 high-definition, low latency

13.Support H.265 codec

14.Adopt international standard video codec algorithm, network protocol, video access protocol follow international standard