87 Inch Optical Whiteboard Parameter

  Interactive Whiteboard     |      2021-06-23

◇◇Technical Parameters
1、Board facing angle: ≥85 inches, display ratio 4:3;

2、Touch sensing method: optical image sensing technology is a touch frame composed of a camera and an infrared emitting tube built into the left and right corners of the upper frame, and, the left and right borders and the lower frame are embedded with reflective strips to form a closed structure. The boards are connected by Ffc line connectors, which support direct insertion and removal installation and dis-assembly, which is convenient for later maintenance and repair;

5、Cursor speed (sampling rate ≥ 120 frames / sec);
6、Response Time((Scanning speed: 8ms, no delay;
7、The size of the inductive object is ≤ Ф 5.0mm, and the display area has no writing dead zone on the whole screen;
8、Under the WIN7/WIN8 operating system, support two-point touches such as zooming in, zooming out and rotating;
9、Touch pressure: no pressure requirement;
10、Interface: USB2.0, communication distance is not less than 8m; support USB firmware update, support USB communication, power supply integrated design;
11、Board surface material and characteristics: should be aluminum honeycomb panel, with dust-proof and waterproof, anti-salt fog, anti-glare, anti-deformation characteristics;

12、Sensitive subjects is a writing pen, a finger or any opaque object;

13、Calibration: Provides 4-point and 25-point calibration modes, one calibration, no drift;
14、Operating temperature: 0 ° C to 55 ° C, storage temperature: -25 ° C to 75 ° C;
15、Working humidity: 10% to 90% RH, no condensation;
16、Structure: Modular design for easy maintenance. The faulty product can be maintained on site, and only the front corner block replacement module needs to be opened, and the panel and the frame need not be removed or disassembled;

17、The manufacturer has ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, OHSAS occupational health and safety management system certification;
◇◇Software features:
1、Operation mode: any opaque object such as hand or pen.Please left click, double click, and support right button; 
2、Support multi-touch: Under the WIN7 and win8 operating systems, the double-point gesture can realize rotating or zooming objects, and can recognize the operation or writing in two different areas at the same time;
3、Floating toolbar: You can move left and right anywhere on the desktop, and you can also support up and down docking, and you can display any number of rows horizontally or vertically. Provides two toolbar shapes, a rectangular toolbar and a circular navigation toolbar, to meet different usage habits;
4、OFFICE fusion function: support Word, PPT, Excel annotation, ink, graphic embedding, and editing of writing content (moving, copying, deleting, re-sizing and color, cloning, infinite cloning, etc. PPT full-screen toolbar automatically appears;

5、Writing function: smooth writing, no broken pen and obvious delay phenomenon, with a variety of writing pens (hard pen, brush, highlighter, pen, etc., can change the thickness, color, linear and other attributes of the handwriting;

6、Edit: You can edit the written content (move, copy, delete, resize and color, clone, infinite clone, etc.)

7、Whiteboard (blackboard function: support the construction of whiteboard, blackboard, green board and other background boards;
8、Fill function: fills closed blocks, intersecting graphics, closed curves or inks with different colored patches;
9、Screen capture: Provide full-screen screenshot, area screenshot, window screenshot, free-drawing area screenshot, and more.

10、Provide screen occlusion, concentrating, zooming in and out on the screen;
11、Scratch-up function: It can realize the coating of the screen content, and can use the scratch-bashing brush to scrape off the coating part and reveal the back content to achieve a scratch-off effect;

12、Magic pen function: draw a circle to start the spotlight, draw a square to start the magnifying glass, draw a free curve to achieve the laser pen function;

13、Recording (Camera function: support to save the screen content (with sound as a multimedia file, and can be played back immediately;

14、Multimedia support: support the insertion of commonly used multimedia resources such as audio, video, pictures, FLASH;

15、 Chinese and English and geometric figure recognition function: automatic recognition conversion tool for Chinese and English and geometric figures;

Text handwriting recognition can be written in any interface, writing is automatically recognized, and appears in the automatically generated text box, and can be kept in the file;

16、 File storage generated in the software: not only can be saved as a special format of the electronic whiteboard software, but also can be saved as PPT, Word, Excel, PDF, HTML and image files;

17、 3D object display: not only 3D object, but also display angle information, the object supports control point adjustment, 3D supports rotation operation;

18、 plane graphics: insert a flat graphic, at the same time can achieve the size and angle of the graphic changes on the plane;

19、 support operating system: WindowsXP/2003/Vista/windows7/windows8 and so on.